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Build the ultimate deck of cards and wield it to defeat the Gatekeepers!

How to play

Your goal is to traverse the overworld and defeat a Guardian at either the Ice Gate or the Fire Gate to get to either the FROST Forest or the FLAME Forest, respectively.

Along the way you will fight enemies that will increase your Sparkle, Shimmer, or Aura essence. Once you reach level 1, a Stance card of that essence will be automatically added to your deck, and the higher your essence level, the stronger the Stance effects will be.

If you are not in a stance, unused speed will be converted to 4x block next turn. If you are in Sparkle Stance, gain +4 might per turn, and unused speed will convert to 4x might next turn. If you are in Shimmer Stance, gain +10 block and +1 armor per turn, and unused speed will convert to 3x block and 1x armor next turn. If you are in Aura Stance, gain +1 mana per turn, and unused speed will convert to mana next turn.

You will also come across Magic Fountains and Quests that will aid you in your journey. You must prove your worth and unlock the Gates by fighting at least two Arenas with powerful enemies.

Courage Coins are gained by winning combats and are used as currency for buying items at the market. You can always hover over things to get more information about them, such as the meters at the top that show your Aggro and Crit levels.

During combat, your Speed determines how many cards you can draw per turn. Mana is used to play your cards. Some cards can be combined, which does not cost mana.

Aggro amount increases by 1 after each combat. Each aggro level increases monster blocks in the FROST forest and monster attacks in the FLAME Forest, and also highly increases Arena and Guardian attacks. The more aggro you create, the faster your aggro level will increase. Level 1: 75% increase to FROST Forest blocks and FLAME Forest attacks (increasing by 25% for each level), 150% increase to Arena and Guardian attacks (increasing by 50% for each level).

Crit percentage, which increases by 1 for each attack card played, is the chance an attack is a critical hit (damage * 1.5). Crit percentage resets to 0 after a critical hit.

Armor absorbs 50% of incoming attack damage.

After each battle you have a chance of being rewarded with a Treasure, some Essences, some Shards, and a Candy. These chances increase with each battle, and your current reward chances can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

You can play cards to charge up your Magic Rainbow. Each time your rainbow charges to full, it activates and does damage to your foes. The type of magic summoned dictates how you apply damage. Your magic type becomes Muddled when you mix magic types. Rainbow magic does damage to all monsters, Elemental magic does damage to all monsters ignoring block, Dark magic does damage to all monsters ignorning armor, Chaos magic does triple damage to a random monster, and Muddled magic does damage to a single random monster.

That's it, on with the adventure!



Helpful Tips

DESTROYING CARDS: adds card to dead cards for this combat.

DEAD CARDS: cards that have been destroyed this combat.

REMOVING CARDS: permanently removes a card from your deck.

COMBINING CARDS: click a combinable card and then click another identical card to combine them. This will destroy both cards and create a new, more powerful card.









1.0.4 (7/15/2024)

  • Bug fix: unresponsive screen glitch after showing cards to player
  • Bug Fix: initial enemy hexes incorrectly got activated every time they summoned a monster
  • Bug Fix: combining cards no longer procs marked or antimomentum
  • Bug fix: the Unearth card now adheres to the Throttle effect
  • Bug fix: you can no longer target dead monsters with candies
  • Bug fix: game properly ends when enemy kills player and dies to retaliate/spikes at the same time
  • Bug fix: combining cards when you have a full hand of 10 cards now re-enables the draw card buttons if you have any speed
  • Bug fix: the Forbid card no longer removes hexes from enemies
  • Bug fix: non-attack cards that deal direct damage (e.g. Master of All) now proc fatality
  • Buffed the Blacksmith card
  • Buffed the Burning Strike card
  • Nerfed the Self-Fulfill card
  • Unreachable no longer persists between combats
  • Combining cards no longer increases Throttle count
  • Doubled Magick effects
  • Clutter cards only proc Veto if they have draw effects
  • Purify now correctly removes Antimomentum
  • Buffed the Cryptic Rune card
  • Buffed the Auxiliary Kill card
  • New Card: Invoke (Rainbow pack)
  • New Card: Astral Call (Rainbow pack)
  • Moved the Fleeting Shelter card to the Cycle pack
  • The Fleeting Shield card no longer upgrades to retain, and now has two shard slots
  • Various Magic cards had magic amounts increased

1.0.3 (6/27/2024)

  • Bug fix: arenas wouldn't load bosses after floor 50
  • Arena Bosses in regular fights are now affected by aggro (happens only after floor 50)
  • Amulet now only adds protection once per turn
  • Frost Guardians now have the Throttle ability
  • Flame Guardians now have the Punish ability
  • Nerfed the Mystical Energy card
  • Void Fairies now hex Unreachable every turn
  • Only one card remove per shop allowed
  • Unmakers now hex Marked on turn 1
  • You can no longer interact with draw card buttons when magic rainbow is activating
  • Nerfed the Surge and Roar cards
  • The Dark Rift treasure now triggers on turn 2 instead of turn 1
  • Fixed a bug allowing wield effects to trigger when no cards are in the draw or discard pile
  • 5 new card sound effects
  • The Forbid card no longer removes the Frozen status from the target
  • Buffed the Sparks card
  • The Delayed Spell, Sacrificial Spell, Delayed Charge, and Sacrificial Charge cards upgrade to double magic/damage rather than retain
  • Buffed the Radioactive card
  • Fixed bug that allowed drawing cards immediately after ending turn before the start of player's next turn
  • Fixed bug that caused monsters to not load correctly on floors 30 through 32
  • Capped max health and block at 9999
  • Buffed the Colossus card
  • Added the Interrupt effect and four new interruption cards: Block Interruption, Armor Interruption, Speed Interruption, and Mana Interruption
  • Lots of small balancing tweaks to attack cards
  • Bug fix: when multiple cards that add more cards to hand are played at the same time, you can now choose the correct amount (e.g. Blitzkrieg plays Disavow and Weaponry)
  • Buffed the Recaster card
  • Nerfed the Mystical Protection card
  • Buffed the Stun card
  • Bug fix: deck cycle effects like Wield now correctly proc only once each deck cycle, and only when deck actually cycles
  • Buffed the Gears of War card
  • Reworked the Explode effect so that it is calculated after all other damage increases are calculated, truly doubling the attack damage
  • Nerfed the Frost Armor and Flame Armor cards
  • Buffed the Maelstrom card
  • Irradiate no longer procs damage from spikes/retaliate

1.0.2 (5/28/2024)

  • The same enemy can no longer appear in consecutive arenas
  • Fixed super loud layering of multiple simultaneous sound effects
  • Improved music queues
  • Hypnotized enemies with retaliate/spikes no longer damage player when attacking themselves
  • Game now ends properly when player dies
  • Singularity now only summons one normal guardian per resurrect on Nightmare difficulty
  • Buffed sparkle stance
  • Buffed the Purge card
  • Improved error handling
  • Buffed essence relics
  • Buffed the Neigh and Whinny cards
  • Guardian balancing
  • Buffed various cards created by combining
  • Buffed all level III and higher weapons
  • Buffed starting essence bonus amounts
  • Fixed mana amount for ? cost cards when added via Weaponry
  • Fixed issue with double-sharded Aura Stance card not switching correctly to Aura stance
  • Aggro level now affects block gained by Arenas and Guardians on map 1
  • Buffed the Legion card
  • Buffed the Hind Kick card
  • If you obtain every treasure in the game, future treasures will always be Pewter Mugs
  • Normal fights continue to scale up instead of capping at floor 33

1.0.1 (5/2/2024)

  • Sorted card library into card types
  • Visual flourish when adding treasures
  • Fixed some missing card bubble attribute displays
  • Balanced flame enemy damage modifiers
  • Enemy might and punch is now calculated after aggro is applied

1.0.0 (4/27/2024)

  • Officially rolled out of Alpha development and into full release mode
  • Balanced the essence magic cards
  • Fixed issue with breakable cards not correctly clearing when used up
  • Drastically improved loading performance of the card library

0.57 Alpha (3/30/2024)

  • Minor balancing for various cards and treasures
  • Aggro is more effective for frost enemies
  • Late game standard combats are tougher
  • You can no longer fight the same arena boss consecutively
  • When a quest kills you, you now actually die
  • Cards added to draw pile during combat were triggering their draw effects
  • Fixed issue where converting rainbow magic type would trigger conjure effects

0.56 Alpha (3/9/2024)

  • Singularity now summons only upgraded monsters on Nightmare difficulty
  • Shimmer stance nerfed from 4x block to 3x block
  • Solid effect now only applies to block gained from cards
  • Combining cards now correctly aggregates the ages of the combined cards
  • Shard effects for the Self Fulfill card were tweaked
  • Fixed a starting treasure base rainbow magic bug
  • Monsters that die to spikes or retaliate now immediately end their turn
  • Fixed bug that happened if player and enemy died the same turn where game wouldn't end right away
  • Fixed some visual bugs with card descriptions
  • Buffed the Stampede card
  • Nerfed the Self-Advance card
  • Added Retain to several combine cards
  • Tweaked how the Enrich card works
  • Nerfed the Adrenaline Rush card
  • Nerfed various Cycle deck cards
  • Fixed Flame Guardian buff removal not working sometimes
  • Fixed bug with Gold Leaf firing at the end of combat
  • Fixed bug where you could draw cards before rainbow activated at the start of combat and then gain extra speed
  • Buffed the Frost Guardian
  • Fixed bug where Singularity would get tons of block on magic rainbow activations
  • Buffed Hammer Thrust, Stomp, and Quick Buck

0.55 Alpha (2/16/2024)

  • Tweaked difficulty settings and cards for balance
  • Singularity now summons only upgraded monsters
  • Fixed bug affecting shop tooltips and functionality

0.54 Alpha (2/14/2024)

  • Nerfed the Stun card
  • Increased rarity of several powerful cards
  • Aggro now calculates after damage buffs (like might and punch) instead of only on base damage
  • The Singularity can summon guardians on Nightmare difficulty

0.53 Alpha (2/13/2024)

  • Fixed a Resistance bug that applied to all damage instead of just magic damage
  • Cycle Barrier card moved to Cycle pack
  • Fixed bug where playing Roar or Cloudburst would double non-existing or debuffed punch/thunder
  • The Singularity now only summons tier 4 and 5 monsters
  • Buffs to various magic summon cards
  • Incoming damage now updates correctly after eating candies that damage and kill enemies
  • Fixed candies that both caused damage and buffed player (Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Clusters, etc.)
  • Hard, Expert, and Nightmare difficulty settings are harder

0.52 Alpha (2/11/2024)

  • Fixed an armor calculation bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused arenas in map 2 to break
  • The Singularity has a new effect called "Veil" which mitigates elemental magic exploits
  • Fixed a bug where the first enemy's resistance applied to all enemies

0.51 Alpha (2/10/2024)

  • Fixed bug where max armor conflicts with gaining block
  • Unstable attack card is now 0 mana and retain
  • Tweaks to difficulty settings
  • Buffed the Quick Stab card
  • Fixed a Marked bug
  • Tweaked the Garrison card

0.50 Alpha (2/9/2024)

  • Nightmare difficulty increased
  • Red Envelope is rarer
  • Buffed upgrades to some stance cards
  • Gift of Summoning nerfed
  • Gift of Magic buffed
  • Fixed shard tooltips on cards
  • Tweaked starting bonuses (-6 aggro -> -5 aggro, +8 rainbow -> +12 rainbow)
  • Fixed some broken candies
  • Sage card upgrade was broken
  • Fixed a glitch with combined age of cards
  • Retaliate/Spikes is no longer triggered by Marked

0.49 Alpha (2/8/2024)

  • Nerfed the Everarmor card
  • Nerfed the Erupt card
  • Retooled the Scavenge card
  • Buffed the Seeing Ring card
  • Max health amount is now shown next to the health bar
  • Courage is now referred to as Courage Coins
  • Improved various tooltips to give more context
  • Improved various card descriptions to be less esoteric
  • Wisdom no longer affects max health
  • You can't gain more than 999 block
  • Seeing Ring doesn't break when trying to view draw cards
  • Fixed bug where game didn't end if player died to spikes or retaliate
  • Overhauled candies to make them more simple and useful
  • Various adjustments to difficulty settings

0.48 Alpha (2/1/2024)

  • Mana can no longer go below 0 from cards such as Mired
  • Slightly nerfed the Ultraumatron fight

You come across a magical creature...

...a terribly wonderful creature.

It looks like... could it be... a unicorn?

You look closer—does it have wings?
Or is that just its fur?

It summons you with its piercing gaze and
gestures for you to climb on its back.
You do so, and instantly something amazing happens.

You can hear its thoughts!
And somehow you can tell that it can hear yours.
It has been tasked with defeating the mighty Guardians,
it tells you, but it can't do so alone.
It is bound by an ancient magic requiring two, rather than one.

You are the other. Together, you must embark on this perilous adventure.
Will you and this mysterious creature survive the quest?

Start Your Journey
Your goal is to traverse the overworld and defeat a Guardian at either the Ice Gate or the Fire Gate.
Along the way you will fight enemies that will increase your Sparkle, Shimmer, or Aura Essence.
You will come across Magic Fountains and Quests that will aid you in your journey. You must prove your worth and unlock the Gates by fighting at least two Arenas with powerful enemies.
Courage Coins are gained by winning combats and are used as currency for buying items at the market.
You can always hover over things to get more information about them, such as these meters that show your Aggro and Crit levels.
During combat, your Speed determines how many cards you can draw per turn. Unused speed each turn converts to a bonus on your next turn, depending on your Stance.
Mana is used to play your cards. Some cards can be combined, which does not cost mana. That's it!
Ready For Battle
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The Dark Forest

Tip: you can right-click map tiles to mark your intended path.

map type:
card retain:

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A boon for your adventure...
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Choose a starting treasure

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Available Cards

Magic Fountain!

A brief respite and then the journey continues...
Drink (+30 Health & +10 Armor)
Bathe (+12 Max Health)
Frolic (+7 Courage)
This fountain has dried up.

The Market

Spend your courage coins wisely.
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Spoils of war.

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